Spanish Piorno en Flor Festival

One more year we celebrate the Piorno en Flor Festival (this year 2018: from May 18 to June 24).

The best time to visit Gredos is the months of May and June, when we became the World Capital of Piorno en Flor.

You will live the experience of seeing, hearing and feeling more than 65,000 hectares of forest covered in yellow. The broom, or rather the broom, because we have 13 varieties, is a humble low bush, but as a whole and when it is in bloom, it becomes a spectacle that you will not want to miss.

During these two months, the residents of North Gredos pay tribute to the landscape and the blooming broom. There are more than 60 observation points where you can contemplate the views and photograph the changes of light and color.

Every year we organize a Piorno en Flor Festival, with an exterior decoration contest, demonstrations of traditional uses of piorno, sports activities, active tourism routes and more. Check the calendar next year so you do not miss it.

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