If you are a lover of Ornithology, in the Hostal Almanzor is the ideal place to put wings to your passion:

  • Hundreds of pictures of birds in the area.
  • Information on where you can find them.
  • The only Hide in Spain with direct access from the interior of the Hostel to observe a multitude of species in absolute freedom (totally free for the lodged).
  • A hide of scavengers on the same farm (previous reservation).

From our Hide, we have been able to enjoy the observation of Milanos, Climbers, Carboneros, Pitos Reales, Piquituertos, Herrerillos Capuchinos, Mosquiteros, Goldfinches, Jays, Scribes, Myths and up to 90 different species depending on the time of the year. We also visit mammals like the Fox, Squirrels, etc.

Lonely Birder distinguished us last year with the award of the 4 pens, of which we feel very proud.

Lonely Birder aproved


Some of the photos we’ve made from our Birdwatching Hide

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